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Dab / Wax Pen Vaporizers


● 3 in 1 vaporizer, dap, dip and vape.

● All kinds of users can enjoy their extracts (thc, shatter, concentrate...), dry herb spices and liquid oil with this pen.

● Compatible with wax, dry herb, and oil.

● Leak-proof design so it won't get all sticky as fast as other devices

● Quartz atomizers

● Heats up almost instantly (2 seconds).

● Single-button control.


● Dimensions: 130*16*16mm

● 380mAh Rechargeable Battery

● 4 Voltage: 2.7V-3.3V-3.7V-4.1V

● Dual Ended Functionality

● 0.15-0.25g Chamber Capacity

● Single Button Operation

● LED Voltage Battery Life Indicator Light

● Threaded Top Mouthpiece Cap - Quartz Dab Coil

● Available Colors Black, Sliver, Gold, Red, Pink, Blue

Package Includes:

● 1*Main body

● 1*Dab quartz coil

● 1*Dip quartz coil

● 1*Dab tool

● 1*Cleaning brush

● 1*Micro-USB charger

How to use:

● Pressing button 5 times to turn on the unit.

● Attach the desired atomizer to the battery.

● Press and hold the button after the coil is screwed in. Once it lights up, it is ready to use.

● Pack the right amount of wax into the chamber or right oil cartridge. Please avoid overpacking to prevent damage to the coil. Making it all over again when you use dip function.

● Press button and vape after the 2-second mark.

About the 3 in 1 vaporizer dab pen:

● The 3 in 1 Vaporizer Kit is a excellent pen-style vape device, with a 380mAh rechargeable battery, multiple voltage output levels.

● An innovative dual purpose atomizer connection to facilitate vaping from either end of the device.

● Revolutional device which can be used for 3 flexible ways and can be vaped from both ends of the item, to dab and to vape from the top mouthpiece and to dip by inhaling from the bottom.

● The kit include one coil to dab, one coil to dip, and it's compatible with any of the 510 tank that you are carrying.

● When you're sharing with someone who prefers oil over dry herb, simply have them attach the atomizer of choice to the battery and enjoy your all-in-one session. The small size of the 3 in 1 makes it portable and great for sneaking in hits.

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