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Discover the Best Dab Pen Charger


Our dab pen charger generally comes in two types; USB and USB with wire and adapter. Both will work fine with your gadget, however, this will give you choices concerning how compact you need your charger to be. We'd suggest purchasing a charger with the wire for the best usefulness, however, the USB charger alternative is extraordinary to simply connect to a divider connector without the problem of conveying a total charger with the wire. That is actually all you have to think about our chargers, yet don't hesitate to grow the tab underneath for additional data.


To utilize just screw the strung finish of the wax pen charger onto your vape pen and attachment the charger into a standard USB charging block or a USB port on a PC or PC.




● UNIVERSAL 510 THREAD:Compatible with all 510 thread HIGH capacity

● Smart charger for used dab pen /wax pen,

● INDICATOR:Red indicator means your device is charing, and green indicator
means your device is fully charge

● Convenience:Universal Equipment Port,USB charge, portable power,
computer/laptop usb port and so on.

● Top Quality:Wire material selected PVC material, soft and durable,
Standard USB interface, neat workmanship, excellent contact with pure copper,
finely crafted high quality.

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